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Our Team

Since 2009, a core group of dedicated professors from around the globe has traveled repeatedly to Nairobi, Kenya, to teach comprehensive rheumatology courses that are integrated in existing training programs, focused rheumatology skills training modules, and to give community talks to increase awareness and advocacy.  They also provide hands on support in patient care skills development as well as in mentoring and evaluating  medical students in rheumatology.

  • Dr A. Adebajo – University of Sheffield
  • Dr O. Adelowo – Olabisi Onabanjo University
  • Dr B. Bourke – St. George’s Hospital
  • Dr I. Colmegma – McGill University Division of Rheumatology
  • Dr P. Davis – University of Alberta
  • Dr L. Espinoza – Louisiana State University
  • Dr A. Kalla – University of Cape Town
  • Dr P. McGill – Glasgow Royal Infirmary
  • Dr R. Moots – University of Liverpool
  • Dr G. Mody – University of Kwa Zulu-Natal
  • Dr A. Woolf – Royal Cornwall Hospital


  • Dr. Paul Etau Ekwom - consulting Physician and Rheumatologist, Kenyatta National hospital (Secretary, Kenya Society for rheumatology)
  • Dr Bernard  Ouma Owino - Consulting Physician and rheumatologist, Kenyatta National Hospital (Vice Chair, Kenya Society for Rheumatology)
  • Mrs Wilfridah Otieno, Phisiotherapist, Kenyatta National Hospital, treasurer, Kenya Society for rheumatology(KSR)
  • Mr. Sylvester Wakulwa, Ocupational therapist, Kenyatta National Hospital
  • Mrs Lilian Mwaniki, Secretary, Association for arthritis and rheumatic diseases for Kenya
  • Ms Sharon kodhek, Convener, Kenya Lupus Foundation
  • Dr. Omondi Oyoo, Senior Lecturer in Medicine, Department of clinical medicine   and therapeutics, university of nairobi.
  • Dr. Stephen Muhudhia, consultant paediatrician
  • Dr. Amos Ayunga, Consulting physician, Garissa Hospital ( Vice treasurer KSR)
  • Dr  Frederick kirui, Consulting Physician , Kemri (Assistant Secretary KSR)

Other rheumatologists from around the world have also donated time and resources serving as advocates for this program and developing a rheumatology fellowship curriculum that will be offered at the University of Nairobi.

  • Dr D. Conn – Emory University
  • Dr R.B. Dixit – University of California San Francisco
  • Dr R.K Dixit – University of California San Francisco
  • Dr T. Gibson – Guys and St Thomas Hospitals
  • Dr J. Krant – Massachusetts
  • Dr F. Koumpouras – University of Pittsburgh
  • Dr H. Ménard – McGill University